Saturday, April 20, 2013

Heresies of "Pope" Francis

Below are some of the worst heresies of Francis, the man who currently claims to be pope (2013-present). I write about how heretics can be neither Catholic nor valid pope here. This will be updated periodically.

"One must neither pray nor sing psalms with heretics, and whosoever shall communicate with those who are cut off from the communion of the Church, whether clergy or layman, let him be excommunicated." (Council of Carthage)

"If any ecclesiastic or layman shall go into the synagogue of the Jews or to the meeting-houses of the heretics to join in prayer with them, let them be deposed and deprived of communion. (III Council of Constantinople)


  1. Very interesting pictures. I wonder when was the last time we had a really good Pope.
    Perhaps Pope St. Pius X?

    1. Pope Pius XII was the last "valid" Pope, none since his death...

  2. Well, that would depend on what "really good" is, I suppose. I'd say that Pius XII was pretty darn good :) Hopefully Catholicism will shape up shortly!

  3. What do you think of his latest fiasco saying that even atheists are redeemed?

  4. Good Question-I'd say it depends. If he meant that atheists are redeemed as in, Christ gave them shot at salvation by taking away original sin, he's right. Through Christ's blood, we've all been redeemed. However, if Francis meant it in the sense that atheists are going to Heaven if they're "good people", then that's against Catholic dogma, and quite simply wrong. Atheists must become 100% Catholic if they hope to gain eternal life.

    Like the past few "popes", Francis makes numerous feel-good-but-no-meaning statements. For example, when he says "The root of this possibility of doing good–that we all have–is in creation". What on earth does this mean? It's very broad and sort of sounds good, one cannot truly know what he means. The past true popes were very direct. Only in following Christ is the possibility of doing good. Therefore, when he says to the atheist "But do good: we will meet one another there", "there" can only mean at the Catholic faith.

  5. I agree. Thank you for your comments. BTW, nice blog!